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Kawaii Icons

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Kawaiicons Rules

Welcome to kawaiicons, livejournal's home to the cutest icons on the web! Kawaii translates to cute, therefore this is a community dedicated to cute icons. Makers and takers are all welcome to join as long as you follow the rules!

1. If an icon maker asks for credit, please do so. Failure to do so will result in your removal from this community.
2. If you are an icon maker and expect credit, please make a note within your post saying so.
3. If you are posting more than 3 icons, use the LJ Cut. Click here to learn how!
4. Only post icons YOU made. This helps alleviate drama. Posts of others icons without their permission or credit towards the maker will end in a banning. 5. Cute icons ONLY. There will be no exceptions. If you are unsure if it is appropriate, do not post it. I understand that cuteness is based on one's perception, so use your best judgement. Please note that cute doesn't mean it has to be cartoony! All levels of cute are accepted here.

This community is owned and moderated by fmdjgirl

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